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PATTY NEAL, "Water, Sky and In Between", Paintings
JAMES MULLEN, "Transcontinental Paintings"

May 28-June 21, 2014



A life is an accumulation of experiences: visual, emotional and mental. By compartmentalizing these snippets of life we create boundaries. The focus of my work for many years has been the exploration of these various life aspects and how they are bound together or bound from each other. My process is often literally composed of boundaries. I make a painting by putting together multiple panels, or I segment a single panel into separate visual spaces. The works are made up of pieces or elements of city and landscape. While exploring the concepts of boundaries I play with visual "reality." Sometimes I combine images that are upside down with those that are not and juxtapose images from different contexts. Literal boundaries, such as walls fences, expanses of water and highway median strips are also used. My intent is to invite viewers to look beyond these boundaries to see the possibilities of a connected whole.


These paintings represent a point of transition in a body of work that I have been developing over the last two decades. While several of these works derive from the coast of Maine where I live, other works have evolved from recent excursions to the American west. I have had a longstanding interest in the western landscape and some of it's more unique qualities of space and color. Some of these paintings resulted from visits to some of the more noted works of Land Art like Spiral Jetty by Robert Smithson and Double Negative by Michael Heizer. I continue to be curious about how we visual the landscape and process our changing relationship to it. JAMES MULLEN is the Director of Visual Arts Division of the Department of Art, Associate Professor of Art, Bowdoin College, ME. Chosen by our Juror Carl E. Hazlewood, James is the Phoenix Gallery's Fellowship Winner for 2013-14.